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Meet new towners @ 

The app that helps you meet others in fun, social meetups is here.

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Meet our team

Add these to your calendar:

2nd November 

Pavilion 5

Alpha Section

Booth A819


Come, say hi 👋 and join (at least) one of our meetups with other WebSummit fellows.


3rd November 

Pavilion 4

Startup Portugal


Be part of our Story

Thank you for being part of NewTowner's journey 🙏

💸  Enjoy 1 YEAR FREE subscription on the App
🥂  Unlimited social meetups to join & create
📩  Unlimited invitations within & outside the app
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🎨 Contribute directly to next releases

6 reasons you should join NewTowner community today


You can always find someone to meet

Moving somewhere new can be a difficult experience in life, as you can often feel lonely. NewTowner will help you become a social butterfly and connect with like-minded people.


You'll find fun meetups to join 

Connecting with new people can be easy as a click. Just scroll the feed on the app and choose from cool activities nearby.


You'll save precious time and efforts

Organising an event can be quite overwhelming, right? On our app, it can take less than 30 seconds to post a new activity & send invites!


Be as spontaneous you like

Do you feel like going out for dancing tonight but don't have a companion? Or do you plan going for a festival in one month? Post & find other New Towners to join you!  


Chat & meet with other cool people

There is nothing better than meeting someone and clicking with them. You’ll be able to chat and meet similar people nearby.


You'll instantly spice up your social life!

Tired of boring meetups with big groups of people? Organise or join cool social gatherings that feel like meeting with friends!

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