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Meet new people in fun, social meetups

The fastest way to make friends nearby!

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All you need to 
spice up your social life

👥  Unlimited one to one & group chats
🥂  Unlimited social meetups to join & create
📩  Unlimited invitations within & outside the app
💸  Unlimited earnings with our ambassador program
✨  Unlimited access to the iOS & Android app
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  • Weekly Membership

    Every week
    • 1 WEEK Membership for the NewTowner App
    • Lifetime UNLIMITED EARNINGS with the Ambassador Program
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    • 1 MONTH Membership for the NewTowner Beta App
    • Lifetime UNLIMITED EARNINGS with the Ambassador Program
  • Best Value

    Yearly Membership

    Every year
    • 1 YEAR Membership for the NewTowner Beta App
    • Lifetime UNLIMITED EARNINGS with the Ambassador Program
    • BONUS: Put your preferred features on the roadmap
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6 reasons you should join this EXCLUSIVE community today

1. You'll never be alone again 🤗

Moving to a new city can be difficult, as you can often feel lonely. NewTowner will help you become a social butterfly and connect with like-minded people nearby.

2. You'll find fun meetups to join 

Connecting with new people can be as easy as a click👆. Just scroll the feed on the app and choose from cool activities nearby posted by real users.

3. You'll save precious time ⏰ and efforts

Organising an event can be quite overwhelming, right? But on our app it can take less than 30 seconds to post a new activity & send invites!

4. Be as spontaneous as you like

Do you feel like going out dancing 💃 tonight but don't have a companion? Or do you plan to go to a festival in one month? Post & find other New Towners to join you!  

5. Chat & meet with other cool 🤟 people

There is nothing better than meeting someone new and clicking with them. You’ll be able to chat and meet similar people nearby.

6. You'll instantly spice up your social life!

Tired 🥹 of boring meetups with big groups of people? Organise or join cool social gathering that feels like meeting with friends!

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