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Invite friends,
earn up to 9€ at a time!

Directly to your PayPal account.


Create an account, add your PayPal account and start sharing the link with your network. 

Relax & earn earn 30% of their new plans for every friend that activates a membership.

6 reasons you should join NewTowner community today:
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You'll never be alone in a new city again

You'll save precious time for organising the meetup

You'll find fun meetups to join at your fingertip

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You'll chat and meet with other cool people

You can be as spontaneous you like 

You'll instantly spice

up your social life!

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New in town? Meet others like you!

NewTowner is the first socialising & friendship app where you can meet new people nearby in fun, group activities.

Here you can find new friends to go out with, explore the city and do what you love.

The meetups are fun, friendly and spontaneous!

See how our users are enjoying their time in a new city

Check real screenshots with events created by members of the NewTowner community:

How the NewTowner
Referral Program Works
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Create an affiliate account

Once your application is approved and you become a NewTowner partner, you can easily turn your referrals into a steady income in a few simple steps.

You will receive the commissions directly to your PayPal account, after we receive the payment from the referred membership and after the trial period.

If your account currency is different than the currency of the NewTowner memberships, a small exchange rate will be shown in the transaction.

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Add your PayPal account in the Settings area

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Share your referral link with your community

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Earn 30% of their new plans for every friend that activates a membership

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Receive funds directly in your PayPal account 

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The 5 steps for becoming a social butterfly in your new city:
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Download the NewTowner app

You will receive a download magic link in your inbox. This will give you access to our exclusive community of new towners.

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Create your profile

If you're looking to connect with people in the community, your profile is one of the most important things you can create. Choose your best selfies!

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...or Jump in the activities you like

Browse spontaneous group activities posted by others and join the group chats. Simply press ‘I’m Going'' to confirm attendance. Then go out, have fun & meet amazing new people!

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Create an activity & invite them out

When you find someone you click with and you would like to meet in person, create an event and use the ‘Invite to my activity’ button to invite them out.

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Chat with like-minded people

Use the ‘Discover New Towners’ feature to discover nearby users or people who share the same interests & hobbies as you. Start chatting with them directly!

Spice up your social life, today!

Use NewTowner to find fun social events to attend, meet new people to socialise and make new friends.

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Chat with like-minded people

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Create an activity
& invite them out

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...or Jump in the activities you like

Create an account, share the link & start earning with us.
Earn up to 9€ at a time!
  • share the referral link with your friends and invite them to the NewTowner community

  • earn 30% of their new plans directly to your PayPal account for every friend that activates a membership

  • receive funds after we receive the payment from the referred membership and after the trial period.

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